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Studio Classes

Circuits/ HIIT

Get fit, get strong, look great and feel great with our full body circuit based workouts. A combination of cardiovascular and strength exercises to build stamina and provide all-body toning.

S&C Circuit

A muscle conditioning and aerobic programme for the whole body, improving flexibility, improving muscle strength and burning calories. Based around good quality muscle work and solid training for an overall workout.

Functional Fit

An advanced circuit for those looking to really push themselves to the limit. From individual work to small groups of 4 pushing each other to maximise the workout and get a real sweat on.

Total Toning

A class for those who are looking to tone up, burn calories and lose weight. Exercises cover the whole body and will improve cardiovascular strength and flexibility

Step/ Bodystep

An aerobic class using a step block combining cardiovascular and resistance work to burn calories, tone up and lose weight.


Using barbells and weight plates, Pump provides a progressive and complete-body workout. High reps and traditional resistance training exercises such as squats, lunges, presses and rows take on another dimension through the use of functional, multi-plane movement

Stretch & Tone

A low impact class set to music to strengthen and tone the whole body.  Expect particular focus on exercises to maintain and improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility.


Set to music, this is a fun class to strengthen and tone every muscle group and improve cardiovascular fitness. Simple choreography, great music, and lots of challenges!


A mind/body workout set to music, combining Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.  This is a challenging but relaxing workout that will leave you feeling stretched, relaxed and serene.

Yoga Flow

This class uses postures and breathing techniques from traditional Yoga to help strengthen your body and calm your mind. A beautiful flowing class to ease away the stresses of your day and set you up for a calm and revitalised evening.

Fit Friday

Combining traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest interval training techniques to set the metabolism on fire, work your body head to toe & get you ready for the weekend

Spin Circuits

A combination of circuit training and spinning, for an intense all-body workout to tone muscles, condition the upper body and burn calories.

Core Blast

Core blast is all about building a stronger core, whilst having the most fun possible. This class will be using body weight and cardio equipment, with the focus on abs. One side to strengthen and the other to exhaust the core. Get ready to take a deep breath and brace for the CORE BLAST!

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